Tattooing Barrier Gel For Stick and Poke Tattoo


Tattooing barrier gel packet (3gr) for hand poke tattoo.

Designed to be used as a pre-tattoo sealant and during the tattoo as a topical lubricant and barrier. The gel is sensitive enough for all clients’ skin types. As a tattooing glide and lubricant gel, the gel reduces needle burn, decreases friction-related heat, and improves ink saturation thanks to an unparalleled near-zero degree coefficient of drag.

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  • Apply a thin amount of the tattooing barrier gel over the top of the stencil. The gel is compatible with all stencils, pens and locks in freehand art.
  • Apply small, thin quantities of the barrier gel to the skin as necessary
  • The gel can be used after the tattoo is finished to help prevent skin discharge.