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We believe everyone has the right to be different, and a bit crazy… we don’t judge. Individuality is art.

In 2016, this site was born out of a fascination for the ‘stick and poke’ tattoo technique, and a love for creativity and individuality. The goal was to sell supplies to help people get stick and poke tattoos safely and affordably, by using professional and sterile materials that are made specifically for tattooing. That’s why we created stickandpoketattoo.com.

With high hopes of what was to come, we got an office the size of a shoe box in sunny Spain. And guess what? we offer FREE worldwide shipping in all our kits. They said we were crazy. At first we were offended, because we’re clinically bi-polar, and that was pretty insensitive. Who doesn’t LOVE free shipping? We think making you pay for shipping is the real mental illness.


“A fantastic product! Comes with everything you could possibly need and I am very happy with it.”

Katelyn T.“This kit is absolutely amazing! Has everything you need, I got an extra ink in a very vibrant color! Totally worth it!”

Maya R.