Why You Shouldn’t Use Cheap Tattoo Needles

Lead-laden needles pose a risk to stick and poke tattoo lovers trusting that the needles piercing their skin are safe

Cheap tattoo needles.

The lead levels in tattoo needles that are cheaply mass produced overseas are off the charts. In some cases, these needles contain 100-300 times the level of lead allowed to be in house paint. The unhealthy levels of lead in thees needles pose a real threat to the consumers.

It’s a cause for real concern. The way the needles interact with the skin can cause potentially dangerous levels of lead to be released which is bad for hand poke tattooing as a whole.

If you plan to use these needles with a practice skin, then you have nothing to worry about. Some stick and poke tattoo kits include these needles in their practice version so you can practice on a fake skin which they also include. And beside these practice tools, the practice kits also include professional and safe tattoo needles and all the tools you need to get a real hand poke tattoo.

Instead of taking the risk, buy needles made of surgical grade stainless steel and soldered with silver rather than lead. Your skin will thank you for that.