How To Use A Stencil For Stick And Poke Tattoo

Finding freehand poking difficult? Stencil it.

What you need

These products are included in every Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit, and they are vegan friendly, cruelty free and non-toxic.

Step by step guide

Step 1

Choose a design you wish to poke.

Flamingo design for stick and poke tattoo.

Step 2

Remove the brownish paper that is between the waxy paper and the top white paper.

Step 3

Use the brownish paper to transfer your design.

Draw your design on top of the semi transparent brownish sheet.
The more time you take to transfer the design, the better.

Step 4

Use the brownish paper with the transferred design to draw on the top white sheet so that the waxed paper transfers the art to the white paper.

Place the brownish paper on top of the white paper, and redraw the design. The wax will transfers the art to the white paper.
Your design has been now transferred to the stencil paper.

Step 5

Detach the paper with the artwork and cut around it using scissors.

Detach the paper.
Cut around the design using scissors.

Step 6

Wash your hands and he selected body part with antibacterial soap and rub the area with an alcohol pad. Dab a dime sized drop of the stencil transfer lubricant and wipe on a thin and even layer onto the region, making sure to cover the tattoo area and a few inches beyond. It should not be a wet surface, just damp. Carefully place the paper on the skin (inked side down on skin) of the area. Hold in place and still for a minute.

Step 7

Peel it off and let the skin dry for 8 minutes.

There you go! Remember you can buy a Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit here.