Stick and Poke Tattoo Inspiration, Vol. 2

Tattoo Ideas of the Week – May 27, 2018

Stick & poke tattoo inspo this week of May 27th 2018. Here you will some astonishing designs and ideas for your tattoo inspiration:

Kalula (@kalula_tattoo)

Hand poked floral piece (Kalula ··· Melbourne, Australia)
Handpoked space symbols (Kalula ··· Melbourne, Australia)

Lara M.J. (@laramaju)

Hand poked black and white ornaments (Lara M.J. ··· Hamburg, Germany)

Ponto Tattoo (@pontotattoo)

Paragliding at Otto Hill, Bariloche (Ponto Tattoo ··· Buenos Aires)

Serena Raccuglia (@serena_raccuglia )

Hand poked Amy Winehouse tattoo (Serena Raccuglia ··· Palermo, Italy).

Lily Gloria (@lily_gloria_tattoo)

Stranger Things’ Eleven (Lily Gloria ··· Melbourne, Australia)

Annalizax (@annalizax)

Design by Flowsofly (Annalizax ··· Duesseldorf, Germany)

Wiki Mouse (@wiki_mouse_tattoo)

Artwork by Poorly Drawn Lines (Hand poked by Wiki Mouse, Warsaw Poland)

Mia Pokes (@miapokes)

Cute lil cactus (Mia Pokes ··· Boston, USA)

Baka (@tattooist_baka)

Red flower tattoo (Baka ··· Seoul, South Korea)

All of them done completely by hand. If you are a creative person, you might want to give yourself a tattoo using a stick and poke tattoo kit.