Stick and Poke Tattoo Inspiration, Vol. 1

Tattoo Ideas of the Week – May 20, 2018

More hand poked tattoo ideas this week of May 20th 2018. Here you have some astonishing designs and ideas for your tattoo inspiration:

Sutsely Kanashiro, Buenos Aires. (@nigrumlunatattoo)

Hand poked Fornasetti eye (Sutsely Kanashiro, Buenos Aires).

Juan Serrano, Bogotá. (@serranosjuan)

Stick n’ poke wild flower bouquet tattoo (Juan Serrano, Bogotá).

Kumkhat, Prourivo. (

Stick and poke bee tattoo by Kumkhat, Prourivo.

Wiki Mouse, Warsaw. (@wiki_mouse_tattoo)

Stick’n’poke tattoo, titled “You end up being strangers again, ” by Wiki Mouse, Warsaw.

Rosa Bluestone, Brooklyn. (@bluestonebabe)

Hand holding half a lemon tattoo on the back of the left arm, hand poked.

Zero Zero, Edinburgh. (

Stick and poke leaves cleverly located on the back of the neck, by

Yoyo, London. (@pokyopokyo)

Hand poked red bolt on the inner finger (Yoyo, London.)

Laura Elsbeth, Düsseldorf. (@laura.elsbeth)

Hand poked fine line sprig (Laura Elsbeth, Düsseldorf).

So if you want a tiny, cute, ultra-unique tattoo then stick and poke might be your best bit. Bearing in mind that its all done completely by hand, every execution is going to be different. The perfect thing to get if you’re interested in supporting independent artists. If you are an artsy type of person, you can also do it yourself using a stick and poke tattoo kit.