A6 Stencil Paper for Stick and Poke Tattoo + Custom Design


A6 sized red colored vegan stencil paper for stick and poke tattoo that includes a design of your choice.

The stencil paper is FD&C and D&C approved. Red colorants that are safe and approved for use on all skin types. Solid long lasting stencils.

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Email us a black and white design of the design you wish to hand poke to ilove [at] stickandpoketattoo [dot] com. The package will not be shipped until we get your email with the design. You can have as many designs as you can fill in an A6 sized stencil, but please remember to:

  • Specify the final size of the design/s. Try to send the design with the final size.
  • Send an actual image of a black and white design, no images of designs on skin.
  • Make sure the image’s resolution matches the size requested.
  • Make sure it’s a sharp, printable design.

You will get two copies of the stencil, watch the video below to see how it works.