The vegan StencilStuff™ lubricant packet we include in the stick and poke tattoo kits is for a longer lasting precision tattoo stencil transfer:

  • Reapply stencil image as many times as needed
  • No need to outline or blood line
  • No cross contamination - worry free
  • Lab tested, safe and non toxic

Stick and poke tattoo kit stencil lubricant

Stencil Stuff® is a product designed for tattoo artists to help apply longer lasting stencils on the skin. It is a non-toxic lotion type gel that you rub on the skin before applying the stencil. Stencil Stuff® keeps that stencil from rubbing off so easily and it does not mess up the stencil if you need to reapply it to get it right. Also, most importantly, it’s a cleaner, safer way to apply tattoo stencils.

Tricks to using it: Shake the bottle, clean the area properly before applying the stencil. After a nice consistent rub down with Stencil Stuff® allow about 5-10 minutes to dry and you are good to go. It’s recommended to apply the stencil before setting up so it allows for some drying time. If it’s a small piece and you are not worried about it staying on for a long time, you could get away with just a few minutes of dry time.

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