Why Stick and Poke Tattooing? What’s so special about it?

When most people think of tattoos, they think of designs inked with an electric tattoo gun in a tattoo studio, but there’s another way: DIY stick and poke tattoos. The fact that it’s often performed by someone who isn’t a professional tattooer, the process seems risky and not worth it. However, some creative rebels have a big passion for all things DIY, and it made sense to them to try a different (and ancient) approach to getting tattooed. The reasons of choosing stick and poke tattoo over machine tattooing are as unique as the individuals who get them themselves. Whatever the reason, all kinds of people today are marking themselves dot by dot and loving every imperfect minute.


Hand poke tattooing it’s back-to-basics tattooing. It’s a simple method, not risky if done safely, and for some individuals that’s incredibly appealing.

Hand poked stars by Jessica Rubbish. source


DIY tattoos are very distinctive in how they look. There is no mistaking a stick and poke tattoo from a machine tattoo.

‘Feminist as fuck’ by Belpoke. source


A needle and ink are essentially the only two things one really needs (although you should take all the safety measures possible), and these are very accessible in the world we live today. Popular culture has also embraced this type of tattooing, and stars such as Miley Cyrus, Ryan Gosling, Bella Thorne or Florence Welch sport stick and poke tattoos.

Sunflower stick and poke tattoo by tatobersamaalvin. source


Tattoos can serve as a mark of protection, as a sign of origin, as identification, as a symbol of status and rank, as an amulet or talisman, as a symbol of religious and spiritual devotion, as decoration, or for any other reason. For some people, getting a tattoo is not about having a jaw-dropping tattoo, but just having a meaningful mark forever in their body. If it’s a loved one who gets you inked, makes it even more meaningful, don’t you think?

Hand poked ‘Lost’ by Jamie. source


It might be an easy challenge or a incredibly hard one, but people in general seem to love challenges, and having a stick and poke tattoo done on themselves or on someone else is definitely a challenge.

‘U said u love me; I was drunk’ . source


Stick and poke tattoos are small, generally speaking. If you consider that tattooers in the USA charge an average of 150 dollars per hour (including a minimum fee that goes from 50$ to 150$ or more if your tattoo takes less than an hour to complete), it’s easy to understand that not everyone can afford or is willing to spend that amount of money in a small tattoo You also need to make a non-refundable and non-transferable 25% deposit that will be discounted to the final price of your tattoo. Alternatively, if you get tattooed yourself, you can get a kit with everything you need to perform a tattoo on yourself for 50$. It’s safe to say that getting a small tattoo yourself it’s a lot cheaper, although it’s also true that you won’t get the same result as in a tattoo parlour.

Hand poked hands. source

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