Tips for Stick and Poke Tattoo Beginners

Are you recently interested in hand poke tattooing and planning to give it a try on yourself? Then keep reading to learn a few essential things to get a good start.

“Live Fast Die Poor” stick and poke tattoo on a lemon, by No Bad Ideas Club. source

Good habit and right stick-and-poke tattoo equipment from the very beginning will help you maintain the pleasure of hand poking and keep you from hurting yourself. A successful first tattoo will bring you more confidence.

Buying the right stick and poke tattoo kit for beginners is also important for the beginner. A suitable and good snp tattoo kit for starters should contain complete basic hand poke tattoo equipment, such as needles, tattoo ink, gloves, and aftercare supplies. Although hand poke tattoo kits for beginners are usually cheap, yet you should still pay attention to the quality of the supplies. Tattoo needles and ink with poor quality will be harmful to your body.

When purchasing the DIY tattoo kit, make sure the kit includes useful accessories, such as gloves, disposable sheet cloths and ink cups. You will also find it helpful to find some tattoo stencils. Sometimes the hand-poke tattoo kit for beginners contains these accessories. So be sure to read carefully the content list of the stick and poke tattoo kit that you are going to purchase.

As an inexperienced poker, the first thing that you should know is that you should never use permanent tattoo ink on your body at this moment. Permanent tattoo should only be done once you gain some experience. Most likely giving permanent tattoos to yourself will hurt your skin without a chance to regret.

Before you start marking yourself, practice on a lemon, and orange, a banana, or a silicone practice skin.

Once you gained some experience and are familiar with the process, you can start with poking yourself. When you do, choose as small design, such a small line, a simple star, an initial, a crescent, a heart or similar.

Matching hand poked crescent moons by Koktel Sombre. source

Start light, poke the skin slowly, with just the amount of pressure enough to puncture the top layer of the skin known as the epidermis that usually measures 0.2-1.5 millimeters, but not enough pressure to get through the whole skin. You will notice that the skin resists a little bit, and then you will feel a slight tug as you withdraw the tattooing needle. Ink will not deposit if you go too light, and too deep will cause ink to spread, scarring and raised tattoos. There should not be much blood.