The history of the Stick And Poke Tattoo Kit

This very own domain,, started selling the first Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit in the history of mankind in June of 2010 for $60

World’s first Stick And Poke Tattoo Kit, from 2010.

The history of the Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit goes back to 2010. This very own domain started selling the first Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit in the history of mankind in May of 2010, through a Big Cartel account. The shop is still online.

Back then, the kit was shipped in the U.S. only, and it included just the very basic stuff you needed to give yourself a great looking Stick and Poke Tattoo: 20 French Quality Sterilized Needles, a Surgical Pen and 2.5 Oz of Black Ink. More than enough for any sized stick and poke. With that equipment clients would prevent fading and give themselves the best looking stick and poke around. Back then using a pin needle was common, which is not recommended at all and often resulted in fading an discoloration over time. The french stick and poke needles allowed the clients of the kit to get clean black lines that wouldn’t fade or discolor.

The term ‘stick and poke tattoo’ has been used in reference to self-made tattoos executed using a sewing needle and India ink by stabbing the skin repeatedly, dating back to the skate and punk subcultures that emerged in the mid 70s in the UK, Australia and USA, and it is still used popularly by hundreds of thousands of people.

As a reflection of subcultures in general, stick and poke tattooing sees a revival with many artists adapting lost arts on their own terms. The minimal composition of stick ‘n’ poke tattoos has seeped its way into pop culture. No matter your preference, it looks like stick and poke isn’t fading out anytime soon. Be safe, kids.