Stick and Poke Tattoo Tools

Hand poke tattooing is not easy and it comes with health risks, but it gets a lot safer and easier when you have the right tools for the whole process

Hand poke tattooing is a lot easier when you have the right tools for the process. The price per unit of the tools is not expensive, but most of the times they are sold in bulk, and this makes it less affordable. But professional equipment is invaluable, that’s why some companies, such as ours have created an affordable range of stick and poke tattoo kits. The right quality tools will vastly improve your results and reduce the risk of infection.

Here’s a list of tools to perform stick and poke tattoos:

Sterile tattoo needle

They come in a pack of 50, and it’s not possible to buy separately in most cases, specially if the are from a high quality professional tattoo brand. Price is around one dollar per needle (including shipping) when you buy a single box. The needle is long enough not to need a support, but you can also use a grip or a tongue depressor with a surgical paper tape.

Professional needle and grip

The “free” unrecommended option here is to use a standard sewing needle, which is less hygienic and not as sharp, and they don’t retain ink as well as tattoo needles with more than one needle tip. If you go with this option, and since the sewing needle is around 2 inches long, you will also need a support for the needle (a pencil or a wood stick), dental floss to wrap the needle as an ink container, and a lighter to flame sterilize the needle. This technique is commonly known as “needle and thread tattoo technique.” Again, not recommended.

Tattoo ink

Using a professional tattoo ink is vital. It will dramatically improve your stick and poke tattoo’s safety, longevity and quality. You can find professional tattoo ink starting at around ten dollars the ounce. The catch here is that in most cases you have to pay for the shipping too. Some different options people choose here are using India ink (which is almost as expensive as tattoo ink) or pen ink. We do not recommend using neither as it could lead to infections and serious illness.

Ink cup

These are really cheap, but are usually sold in bulk. Around 5 dollars per 100 units (plus shipping, in most cases). You could also use some clean disposable container instead.

Professional needle, wooden stick/tongue depressor and surgical paper tape

Medical exam gloves

There are a lot of option here. You can buy powder free nitrile, vinyl or latex gloves, sterile or not sterile. Average price is around 10-15 dollars per 100 gloves (50 pairs).

Medical cover

Another cheap tool sold in bulk only. You can also choose a paper towel here.

Alcohol prep pads

Once again, those are sold in bulk. 5-10 dollars per 100 units. Here you could also use makeup remover pads and rubbing alcohol in a clean disposable cup.


Used to remove the excess of ink.

Unused disposable razor

Not always needed, but necessary if the skin you are tattooing is hairy.

Disposable plastic container

Used to throw the needle/s away.

If you are looking to get all these tools at an affordable price, get a stick and poke tattoo kit here.