Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit + Custom Stencil – Product Review

Here at Stick and Poke Tattoo we love testing hand poke tattoo products and we have therefore tested the innovative custom kit from the Stick and Poke Tattoo Shop.

Spotless tattoo done with the help of a custom stencil for stick and poke tattoo.

Oh Stick and Poke Tattoo, how we love thee. If you love DIY tattoos and you are not familiar with the niche home made tattoo house, where have you been?

And if you’ve been a fan since day one? Well, cash at the ready, because they’ve just lifted the lid on their debut custom kit range, and it’s awesome.

So what’s the deal?

The custom stencil edition Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit contains the same stuff you find in the amazing basic kit – basically all you need to create a basic hand poked tattoo. In addition to all the amazing stuff, the custom stencil edition includes a key component: a printed custom stencil. And what is a printed custom stencil? well, it’s a stencil sheet with a printed (not hand drawn) design of your choice, ready to tattoo. Without a custom stencil, you either have to poke freehand, or with the help of a hand drawn stencil, which will never be as precise as a printed design. This innovation widens the range of designs you will be able to tattoo.

Spotless tattoo done with the help of a custom stencil for stick and poke tattoo.

Just like the basic and partner kits, the new custom kit comes in a neat box made of recycled cardboard, with 4 different needle sizes (1,3,5 and 7 round liners), black ink (other colors available, as always) and all the material required for a safe DIY tattoo session. It also includes the lovely instruction booklet, to make sure you don’t get lost.

Unboxing of the stick and poke tattoo kit.

Shipping is damn quick, both to America and Europe, you will have to wait less than a week on average. The quality of the included products is top of the line. The kit basically includes the best tattooing tools you can find out there.

The stick and poke tattoo kit includes all you need to perform a hand poke tattoo, and it is also geared towards single session tattoos, but allows you to work more complex projects than the ones you can achieve with a freehand stencil. You can also use the custom stencil for simple designs, such as heart outlines or a small star, if you want to get a design with perfect geometric proportions. It is a starter kit, perfect for someone willing to give the home made tattoo experience a try, and also for someone experienced, who understands the procedure and wants to try the printed stencil experience. If you want to try different inks, you might want to have a look at

Check the video below to freak out!

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