Stick and Poke Tattoo FAQ

A stick and poke tattoo or hand poked tattoo is done by dipping a single tattoo needle into ink and poking it into the skin by hand, instead of using a tattoo machine to produce your ink

Hand poked dinosaur family by Mosler. source

How do I decide on a design?

It isn’t always easy, it’s something you are going to keep ‘forever.’ Sometimes it will just come to you, but others you will need an inspirational push. You can always find ideas on TumblrInstagram, or Pinterest. You can always google simple line drawings, or stick and poke tattoo ideas. Try to be creative, don’t just copy someone else’s design.

Hand poked ‘mercy’ tattoo by Baka. source

Do they hurt?

Of course, it’s gonna hurt. It’s a needle poking your skin over and over after all! Different spots will hurt more or less than others, depending if it’s on a sensitive area. Since you’re not using a machine, it will take longer, but it will hurt less, as you will not penetrating the needle as much.

Hand poked plant tattoo by Loz KeyStone. source

Best ink?

Any professional tattoo ink brand will work fine. Intenze, Radiant, World Famous or Kuro Sumi are some popular choices. I always recommend vegan and animal-test-free inks. You can find a few here.

Sternum piece by Lisa. source

Could I be allergic to tattoo ink?

Some people have problems with Red tattoo inks. Red ink sometimes contains mercury or cadmium. As for black inks, they are usually made of iron oxide or carbon, ultimately the safest.

Hand poked by dmiosp. source

What are all the tools I should have to do my own Hand poke Tattoo?

Tools I recommend in having to be ready for a tattoo are:

Hand poked finger ornaments by Lilian. source