Stick and Poke Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is a crucial final step to ensure a great stick and poke tattoo, follow these essential tips in caring for your newest ink

Hustle Butter is great for stick and poke tattoo healing.

Unlike the majority of machine tattoos, home made tattoos are usually small and simple, and therefore heal faster and rarely make a scab if done well. Nevertheless, as any other tattoo they also need aftercare. The first week of healing is critical to how your tattoo will look for the rest of its life, so let’s take a look at the proper way to care for your new permanent accessory.

Applying a Bandage on a Stick and Poke

First, clean the tattoo, ideally green soap and distilled water solution using a 1 to 8 ratio. You can also use an alcohol pad or rubbing alcohol, or a fragrance free antibacterial soap and hot water. The hot water may cause temporary mild stinging, but will aid in opening pores for maximum cleansing. Then, apply an antiseptic ointment (Hustle butter works great) with a sterile bandage.

Because of the conditions in which stick and poke tattoos are given, many amateurs don’t bandage their stick and poke tattoos, an this is a big mistake. After completing the stick n poke tattoo, immediately protect it with a bandage. This will prevent contaminating the newly poked skin.

Bandages should be kept between 2 to 6 hours.

Removing the bandage and cleaning the Stick and Poke Tattoo

Keep the bandage on for a minimum of two hours. After removing your bandage, you should gently cleanse your new tattoo. All homemade tattoos should be washed after removing the bandage and during the healing process, 2 to 3 times per day. Note that rubbing the tattoo could damage it.

Ointments for Stick and Poke Tattoos

Your new stick and poke tat needs to breathe to promote the healing process, that’s why butters free of synthetic chemicals are recommended. The more organic & natural, the better for your tattoo. Again, Hustle Butter for the win. Apply some every time the tattoo dries out during the healing process.

Recommendations / What to avoid


Sunlight will fade the tattoo even after the tattoo has healed. Avoid direct exposure during the first weeks and then apply sunscreen on the stick and poke tattoo.


Keep the skin moisturized but don’t apply ointment excessively.

Picking and Scrubbing

Keep the skin clean, but don’t wash it excessively and don’t scrub. If a crust appears, don’t scratch it. The scab prevents the ink from oozing.


To preserve the appearance of the tattoo, avoid submerging it in water for at least two weeks.


If you plan to rework your tattoo, let it heal between sessions.

NOTICE: All the information in this post shouldn’t be taken to be professional medical advice. This information is specific to stick and poke tattoo aftercare. To greatly improve the safety of your stick and poke tattoos, you should also learn about bloodborne pathogens.