Sketching your Stick and Poke Tattoos

Sketching your hand made tattoo before you start poking is an important part of the process, and there are a couple of ways to doing so

There are a couple of ways to sketch your hand poked tattoo:


You can use a regular pen to trace your tattoo (not recommended), but these pens are not as hygienic as professional tattoo pens. For hygienic reasons, use each pen only once, and never use the same pen across different people.

Transfer paper

You can use stencil paper and tattoo stencil lubricant. This transfer technique is a great way to improve your tattoo design. When used properly, it allows the tracing to remain on the skin after wiping it.

Custom transfer paper

You can also purchase a Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit with a stencil that includes a custom design, so you don’t have to draw it by hand. Watch the video below:

Once you’ve obtained the proper DIY tattoo tools or a stick n’ poke tattoo kit, you’re all set to follow our guide on how to stick and poke!