Our Selection of Stick and Poke Tattoo Needles

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Too many people today use household items to create their own DIY stick and poke designs from the comforts of home.

From sewing needles to pen ink, and even sewing thread, these materials are not only highly toxic but also don’t provide the same results as professional tattoo needles. This is one of the key reasons we pride ourselves in offering only the best quality disposable, sterilized, and individually packaged needles made of surgical grade 316L stainless steel.

Our Selection of Needles

Our shop includes six different needles for you to choose from. Each provides a different end result to the other and the best one for you will depend on your experience and the results you would like to achieve.

We specialize in RL needles which means Round Liner. These round liner needles are tightly grouped needles that have been organized in a circle. They’re perfect for lining and outlining designs. Here’s a description of each of our needles:

  • 1RL – This needle leaves the smaller mark and is considered the most difficult needle to master. This is because the needle is typically used for extremely intricate micro realist pieces.
  • 3RL – Used predominantly for intricate details, the 3RL needle can also be useful for line work and filling in smaller designs.
  • 4RL – If you want to create ever so slightly larger designs or would like thicker lines, a 4RL needle could be your best option. This is a good middle ground size. The needle is typically used for lining, shading, and filling in small areas.
  • 5RL – The 5RL needle is one of the most popular sizes among novices as it is easier to see and allows you to create prominent lines. Slightly bigger than the 4RL, the 5RL can be used for the same purpose, just expect slightly thicker lines.
  • 7RL – This needle size is best used for color pieces that require you to fill in areas. It can also be used for shading larger sections. If you need to create blocks of color in a medium-sized tattoo, this is the needle for you.
  • 9RL – Typically, stick and poke tattoos are small. However, if you want to try your hand at a larger piece or would like to create a design with bold outlines, shading, and color, a 9RL needle will help you achieve this. This is our largest point needle.

Our goal is to make DIY stick and poke tattooing as safe and accessible to people as possible. To find out more about our needles, click on one of the products on this page.