Beautiful Stick and Poke Flower Tattoos

Flowers are great for hand made tattoos as they evoke an universal feeling in all humans: the grace, beauty, delicate and sensual energy of Mother Nature

Almost all 7 billion people on planet earth love flowers, but did you know that they make for the classiest tattoos? Whether you’re a man or a woman, flower tattoos are a great choice for an stick and poke tattoo.

Enjoy these beautiful and timeless hand poked flowers for men and women!

Poked Cactus tattoo by Lilian, Spain:

Minimalist stick’n’poke lotus by Ann Pokes, Russia:

Delicate hand poke fern by Lara Maju, Germany:

Color stick & poke lavender by Sharon, Italy:

Hand poked fine line rose by Natasha, Canada:

Amazing hand made olive branch by Onil, Ukraine.

Beautiful hand made branch on the ankle, by Sherin Mavi, Germany:

Nice stick and poke on the back by Naraishikawa, UK:

Hand poked cactus tattoo by Lisa Pokes, Germany:

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