Hand Poke Tattoo Partner Kit - Product Review

We recently came across the Hand Poke Tattoo Kit, and we were fortunate enough to get our hands on their Partner Kit. We are very satisfied by the quality of the kit and the service.

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The Partner Hand Poke Tattoo Kit contains all you need to create two stick and poke tattoos. Whether you’re looking to get a tiny and minimalist tattoo or a slightly bigger design, this kit has you covered, it will provide you with everything you need. The kit comes in a neat brown box with four different needle sizes, black ink and all the material required for clean and safe tattooing. It also comes with a lovely how-to-guide providing clear instructions and safety measures. The box is cute with a vintage touch, making it a great gift for anyone who is creative and fond of all things DIY.

The Partner Hand Poke Tattoo Kit was shipped really quick, it usually takes between 48 hours and 7 days to ship worldwide. All items were of the highest quality, sterile and fully qualifies as professional equipment. The provided material is a number of times better and safer than the usual unsafe homemade tools. This hand poke tattoo kit also saves you the trouble of ordering the products separately, especially since they often come in larger quantities than what you might need, and at a much higher cost.

If you feel like you miss something, like an extra ink or needle, you can buy tools separately and add them to the kit, so you can complete your equipment for the stick and poke tattoo you are looking to get. If you are not interested in the kit but want to buy supplies, you can also do so on the Hand Poke Tattoo Kit website: they sell everything from stick and poke tattoo ink and needles to tattoo practice skins, creams and razors.